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Gary Lightbody ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Published on Aug 26, 2014

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Very happy about the news or a new Snow Patrol album next year :)

I can’t tell you how many times I think this, but Gary really is my hero for a lot of things.

Like everyone, I have been through difficult times in my life and in conflict with myself. Some days I feel like giving up completely with everything, I feel like I’m not good enough and I never will be.

It sounds stupid when I write it down like this, but at times I really do just feel lost. Like I’m a tiny ant surrounded by big beetles rushing past me and living life while I’m in a panic of being squished.

Gary makes me feel better, no I know I’ve never met him in person. But through his music, blog posts and tweets it feels like he’s actually there like a friend helping me along.

A song I can just put on and listen to on repeat, it doesn’t matter that I listen to him over and over again it makes me feel better. It’s a comfort.

I can look back on tweets he’s replied to, not just to me but to others as well. The love he has for the fans and the time he makes just to say hello or wish someone good luck with something really does make a difference.

It makes you feel special that your hero has taken the time to read your tweet/fan sign/letter or even has spoken to you in person, really is just heart warming.

He may not be a Marvel superhero with special powers like flying, but he does have the power to make people smile and that really is the greatest power you can have. A smile can make a difference.

So Gary, thank you again for getting me through this blip. I feel silly when I look back on all of this silliness but I guess everyone feels down in a while.

Thank you for making me smile.

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Gary Lightbody


Gary Lightbody